Local • Knowledgeable • Friendly

Local • Knowledgeable • Friendly

Temple Building
Rochester • 2014

"lumalon completed our Corporate Place Parking Garage and Temple Building Common Area projects on time and on budget. Job well done lumalon!"

Bill Duchano, Director of Facilities, The Cabot Group

Black&Blue Restaurant
Pittsford • 2015

"Knowledgeable, sincere, and service minded. In this competitive market you need a true partner. lumalon and Tom Murray deliver on that relationship."

Charlie Fitzsimmons, Owner

Hochstein Music School
Rochester • 2015

"Everyone has been helpful, flexible, respectful of our space and schedule and knowledgeable"

Randy Kemp, Operations Manager, Hochstein Music School

Episcopal Senior Life Communities
Rochester • 2016

"Trust is ultimately why we chose Lumalon."

Jeff Ross, Director of Facilities

To help our clients see what they cannot see themselves.

We'll uncover what we believe to be simple answers about LED lighting. And that they understand how an amazing experience can revolutionize the way they interact with their customers.

Tom Murray
lumalon Founder

"Knowledgeable LED lighting makes what you do look better."

In the News

Read our feature in the Rochester Business Journal to learn more about lumalon and how we help our customers achieve efficiency through LED lighting.
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The people at lumalon can help you build the right LED lighting system for your company, your products and your services. lumalon will also show you how your company can save money now, as well as into the future.

Your whole world will look better...

With lumalon.



Village Bakery
Victor/Pittsford/Rochester • 2016

"Knowledgeable, sincere, and service minded. In this competitive market you need a true partner. Lumalon and Tom Murray deliver on that relationship."

Charlie Fitzsimmons, Owner

Park Avenue Bike Shop
Rochester • 2017

"If you are displaying your brand properly with the right light, you'll get more traffic, better response and more sales."

Andy August, Owner

Rochester Regional Health
Rochester • 2016

"The new LED lights look great! Your whole staff is dedicated and easy to work with. Thank you lumalon!"

Richard Schmidt, Onsite Supervisor

First Federal Plaza
Rochester • 2017

"Thanks for the recent help renovating our spaces with fresh crisp new LED lighting. The process was fast and easy."

Chris Hill, igordon

Exceptional LED lighting solutions don't just happen.

They're the result of knowledge, experience, and the commitment to follow a process that doesn't leave anything to chance.

Isaac Heating and Air
Rochester • 2016

"When we compared our electric bill from last month to this March it was down about $2800.00! Thanks again."

Ken Isaac, Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning

The Sagamore on East Condominiums
Rochester • 2014

"I would highly recommend lumalon to all who want to save money on their electric bill."

Gary Piccarretto, Property Manager

Lifetime Assistance
Rochester • 2016

"We would recommend lumalon to others who are looking to transform their facilities to LED lighting!"

Dennis Brown, Director of Facilities & Transportation Services

Highland Hospital
Rochester • 2016

"It was a pleasure working with lumalon on our recent safer parking garage lighting upgrade."

Michael Zanghi, Director of Facilities

lumalon's new world of LED lighting Services


lumalon performs energy audits, LED lighting retrofits and new installations for commercial business owners. Due to our direct manufacturing relationships, we can offer owners a turn-key solution at a below market price.

We help our clients navigate the wide variety of product options to find the right solution for their application. Our services optimize performance while maintaining project budgets.

The experts at lumalon are here to help.

LED lighting feasibility analysis
Lighting layouts
Lighting retrofit projects
Bid specification development
Assistance for renewable energy applications

Project Management

Primary focus is to keep project on schedule.

A lumalon project manager will plan out your retrofit or installation and coordinate all installation crew members, including installation crew, equipment, and external city and utility inspections. They will work closely with you to ensure deadlines will be kept and project outcomes will be reached. Additional focus is on minimal disruption to your business.

It is our primary focus to keep the project on schedule with the highest quality workmanship.


Special Offers and Rebates from ENERGY STAR Partners:

ENERGY STAR partners occasionally sponsor special offers, such as sales tax exemptions or credits, or rebates on qualified products. epa energy star Partners also occasionally sponsor recycling incentives for the proper disposal of old products and qualified products.

lumalon will oversee your project to make sure every detail is taken care of and give you peace of mind. We will also help with warranties, rebate administration, lamp recycling and financing to provide the total solution.

Contact lumalon today and start saving for tomorrow.



Summit at Brighton
Brighton • 2016

"The lighting change makes a huge difference and they really make our building look great. It was great to work with you!"

Susan Bussey, Senior Vice President of Housing

First Presbyterian Church Pittsford
Pittsford • 2015

"The process was stright forward, lumalon took care of all the paperwork, we're already seeing a big reduction in our electric use."

Robert Dunn

lumalon is the low cost provider of high quality LED products.

We offer a turnkey solution that covers everything from audit to install to rebate management and recycling of your old fixtures. We can simplify your LED lighting conversion and do it with a quick payback!

Brighton High School
Brighton • 2015

"From the outset of the Brighton High School project, you and your team showcased your expertise, professionalism, and diligence in building the specifications, quantifying the return on investment, and educating us on the process and timelines."

Louis J. Alaimo Assistant Superintendent for Administration

Winton Place LLC
Rochester/Gates • 2015

"We were so satisfied with lumalon that we have given them another major LED conversion."

Charles Kramer, President

lumalon's new world of LED Benefits

While lumalon's LED lighting benefits include energy-efficiency and a long life span, when choosing a specific lighting application, selections are based upon many factors:

Better Light

Color Rendering and Quality better than Fluorescent or CFL

The "perceived" brightness is even higher than the measured lumens

Color consistency is near perfect

Provide more directional light

Dimmable unlike most CFL

Does not produce harmful U/V or fade merchandise

More Energy Efficient

Most of our products are DLC Certified or Energy Star Rated.

Uses at least 80% less energy and lasts 25 times longer than traditional lighting

Emits very little heat

Lowers HVAC costs

Low Maintenance

Most lamps rated for 50,000 hours to 70% lumen maintenance

A typical application will see 10+ years before needing replacement

More resistant to breakage.

Environmentally Friendly

Consumes less electricity / emits fewer greenhouse gases

Longer life means less landfills are impacted

No harmful mercury

Safer — cooler operation means less (or NO) fire hazard

Almost all components are 100% recyclable

Save Money

In many cases, lumalon LED products pay for themselves in less than 2 years

Return On Investment can be 12 - 15 times the cost of the product Lifetime savings on energy and maintenance cost can be significant Rebates and Tax incentives available in most states

Contact lumalon today and start saving for tomorrow.



M&T Bank
Chili/Rochester/Pittsford • 2014

"lumalon delivered what they promised on time and on budget. We look forward to continuing our partnership with lumalon."

Jim Turman, Property Supervisor/Rochester Region

Paul Miller BMW
3 Locations New Jersey • 2015

"The LED lighting at our BMW store has made us stand out on a busy highway. As promised the maintenance and energy savings made this a very worthwhile endeavor!"

Nick DeVita, Facilities Manager


Make the Right Choice for your LED Lighting Solutions


Converting to the proper LED solution improves employee comfort, satisfaction and productivity. It also improves the quality of life for workers and customers and can provide profits where none previously existed by reducing your energy and maintenance costs.

Contact lumalon for a Free LED Energy Audit for your commercial space and realize the considerable savings you space can recognize over the projected life of LED lighting.

Contact lumalon for a Free LED Energy Audit



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